Coal and Canary crackles clean

Some of you may have read my previous post about Coal & Canary, a local Winnipeg duo who took their passion for clean burning, delectable smelling pots of wax & turned it into their quickly heard of, must have (& soon to be mini empire) candle company. These candles are created in small batches, hand poured & very sweetly named.


I received & lit my first candle by them tonight. ‘gimmie some sugar’. My place smells amazing. Like I’ve spent an hour slaving away with egg beaters & cookie sheets. All the effort it took from me was being instrumental with a lighter. The fragrance listed on this glass jar states ‘brown sugar, yam, honey & vanilla’. A fantastic combination & each individual note melts together in the air as it burns.

In my mind, the best feature is the crackling & burning sound that the wooden wick gives off. It adds a cozy feel, as if I have a mini fire place beside my cup of tea & laptop.


I can tell as it has pooled liquid wax all the way to the edge of the glass and has been burning for about an hour, it will burn slowly. It also burns cleanly. There is no smoke or soot resonating off of the wooden wick. This to me is a major plus. I notice black residue form on my large white framed windows when I burn candles frequently (typically Bath & Body Works jar or 3 wick candles, multiple times a week from September to March easily). After a few weeks of a candle or two burning a night, I can wipe my windows once & my lovely white towel is left black from the soot build up. Knowing this I can only imagine how it would slowly sink into & stain my white drapes, light coloured furniture & all other surfaces.

Mainly however, the biggest concern with buying heavy perfumed, wax wick candles is breathing in that soot. It may not seem noticeable, but if you are a frequent candle burner – after a a few weeks of enjoying you little pots of scented flames, spray & wipe your windows down with a light cloth or paper towel. You’ll be amazed. Now think of inhaling what you are seeing.

I am learning to treat myself to things I like, while investing in quality products (& my health).  Finding a cleaner burning, long lasting candle that still smells great, translates into my home being a better place for everyone. I am going to work on breaking my addiction to the 2 for $24 sales on Bath & Body Work Candles. Based on how this ‘gimmie some sugar’ candle burns – very slowly, the level of the wax has yet to budge, $22 per candle is well worth it! I will be getting many nights out of it.


The creators, Tom & Amanda, are thoughtful & genuinely show their love & pride of the product they have dreamed up. After less than 24 hours of blogging about their company, they reached out to me & thanked me online. Shortly after they provided me with a handwritten note & this surprise candle as a token of appreciation. That alone is a gesture that makes me want to support their business.


This candle is sweet & fragrant but not overpowering.  It has lingered its way throughout my home without making it feel as though I have sprayed a bottle of perfume around. The packaging is adorable & the style of the label would fit in on any surface in any room. Its quirky with catchy names & I already know this will be one of my go-tos for a hostess gift, client gifts & holiday presents.

If you wish to, you can follow the adventure of their craft on their Instagram, view their site & buy the candles at Cafe Postal. They have a small (all that is necessary) studio in the Exchange to work on their candles after typical work hours – their photos show that it is a space they created to enjoy being at & adding to, not just working in.


**Update: I have been burning this candle for over 3 hours now and it has put less than a 1/4″ dent in the level of the wax. I am in awe of the quality of burn it provides and enamoured by the smell in my whole home. Light and soft, yet it doesn’t get lost.

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