PrettyLoveBar loves Style Bar

People in our city are frequenting & supporting local boutiques more & more every year. There is one in particular that carries an array of men & women’s apparel & accessories in the heart of Osborne Village that I have found to be a personal fav.
Clothing, socks, candles, active-ware, hats, jewelry, the ‘can’t live without S’well bottles‘ & more.
It is eclectic, has limited amounts of specific pieces in each size (so chances of having the same dress or outfit at a wedding or event is nice and slim), & the company & assistance  from the owner is friendly & truly genuine.
Local designers, products who’s companies give back (halfunited Bullet necklaces provide 7 meals to children in need with each sale) & affordable pricing are some of the reasons it’s worth stopping in at 470 River Ave. to meet the sweat, creative & incredible growth behind this gem, Regan Greenwood.
PLB: Please give us a little background on yourself:
RG: Well, I am Winnipeg born & raised. I left Winnipeg when I was 20 to attend College in LA & get my degree in Fashion Design. I moved back to Winnipeg after school, to work at a few different fashion manufacturers here in Winnipeg. Eventually left (again) to move to Toronto to work there for a large fashion company there. That’s where I decided to move back to Winnipeg & open up shop – Style Bar! 
Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 10.43.26 AM
PLB: How long have you been interested in fashion?
RG: My entire life. I have always been fascinated with fashion & the ability it has to alter & change your mood & confidence. Fashion is endless & it’s an extension of yourself & who you are. I love to be able to help people express themselves & find what makes them feel confident!

PLB: How did Style Bar come to be?
RG: I always knew I would open a retail store, I just didn’t know when or where. I was living in Toronto working as a clothing designer on a contract position when I finally made the plunge & decided that it was time to move forward with opening the store. I moved home (to Winnipeg) and it just snowballed from there. It all happened so fast! I moved home in April & by September we were open for Business!
Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 11.19.14 AM
PLB: How long has Style Bar been around?
RG: Style Bar will be celebrating its 2nd birthday this September!

PLB: Why did you decide to carry both women and mens apparel/items?
RG: There is a huge void of men’s clothing in Winnipeg. Especially in boutique shopping. When I was shopping for my retail space, I originally wanted to focus soley on women’s apparel & accessories, but when the (larger) spot I am currently in now became available, that’s when I decided to bring men’s apparel on as well.

PLB: What is something you don’t currently carry but would love to get in your store?
RG: Shoes, thats one thing that I hope to bring in in the near future.
PLB: What are your personal style staples?
RG: I am a simple girl. I wear comfortable clothes that I can wear all day. I like to be able to add a few accessories then head out at night after work for date night or a night out with my girlfriends. I wear a lot of neutral colours, blacks, greys, beiges & creams, & pop it with an accessory or lipstick. A few of my must haves are a great pair of denim, a well structured jacket & a awesome statement piece of jewelry.
PLB: What is your top selling item, something you can’t seem to keep in stock:
RG: Probably the S’well water bottles, I cant seem to bring in enough. The problem is the demand is so high that its sold out everywhere!
PLB: Do you carry locally made/sourced/designed items? If so, why?
RG: I do! I love being able to carry & support fellow Winnipeggers. I carry a few local brands, such as Oak + Oar, LBS Yoga & Athletic Wear & Lennard Taylor. Two of our jewelry lines are also local, Sheppards Hook, & Coutu Kitsch both have Winnipeg roots.
PLB: What is your favourite part about owning your own storefront?
RG: One of my favourite parts of owning the storefront is how I get to connect to all my fantastic customers. I am in the store 6 days a week and I get to talk to (my customers) everyday about what they like, dislike & what they want to see in the store. It helps me grow as a business & it makes the process way more enjoyable!

PLB: What is the most difficult or your least favourite part about owning a storefront?
RG: I think all the stress that comes with running the actual store. I have also dealt with some theft, that is always a difficult issue to deal with.
PLB: Where do you see Style Bar in 5 years?
RG: Within this year we will be expanding to have a online e-commerce presence. In 5 years, I would love this store to be a flagship, to really grow into a Osborne Village Staple & to have our online site be just as successful as the storefront. And I would love to get into designing again! So that’s definitely on my mind as well.. I would love to get some of my own designs in Style Bar store at some point.
PLB: What is your favourite piece in the store right now?
RG: All the printed Kimonos…they are my go-to piece this summer! So effortless & chic.

PLB: What are 5 must have summer items right now?
RG: A great printed romper, a versatile kimono, panama style hats, a great statement necklace, & the perfect summer sundress!
Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 11.16.34 AM
PLB: What is the most expensive item in the store & the cost, what is the least expensive item in the store & the cost:
RG: The least expensive item in the store is a pair of earrings… we have earrings for $5… they are a special we always have in the store! I have nothing on the women’s side that retails for over $100 at the moment. The most expensive item in the store is a men’s outerwear jacket, it’s $199.00.
PLB: What is in your bag?
RG: I always have my S’Well water bottle in my bag at all times, a few different coloured lipsticks, my planner (I’m a old school day planner type girl!),  sunglasses & sunblock.

PLB: How do you spend time outside of work?
RG: I don’t seem to have a lot of free time these days, but I play a lot of soccer outside of work. That keeps me busy when I’m not working or trying to fit in some time with my girlfriends!
Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 11.28.54 AM
PLB: Favourite neighbourhood watering hole?
RG: I would say The Cornerstone next to Style Bar. It’s so convenient for me after a long day of work. The food, atmosphere & drinks are great!

PLB: Cocktail or bevy of choice?
RG: I’m a simple red wine kind of girl!

PLB: If you weren’t running Style Bar, what would you be doing?
RG: I would still be designing.. it’s something I love to do, if I had more time I would be doing more of it now!
PLB: What do you love about your city?
RG: One of the things I love most about our city is how Winnipeg loves to support itself, I think it’s truly amazing how Winnipeg rally’s around & supports & lifts all the small locally owned businesses. I also love the summers here & how close we are to some great outdoors spots! The summers really come alive in Winnipeg, it makes putting up with the harsh winters worth it!


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