Happy Friday the 13th…now lets eat Tacos

Working in real estate, I occassionally spend time during the weekdays doing what others do on their lazy weekends. A Tuesday morning could be a sleep until 10am kind of day or Friday afternoon is doing errands & things around the home. I tend to work evenings & weekends most often – which is more enjoyable than people may think ~ I love my job. So today, after some clients had to reschedule showing, it’s Sunday for me!!

A great Sunday right now is spring cleaning (Ernesto helps me a lot. Best. Investment. Ever.), time in the kitchen, gazing over blogs I love (thiissssss one) & getting ready for much needed visits with friends. The best part of leading up to a knock on the door? Prepping for the night in the kitchen…& tonight? Taco night.


It is almost spring time and this past week’s happy demeanour of sunshine, melting icicles & knee-deep puddles put me in the mood for pickled japapeno-mango salsa, pulled mexican crockpot chicken, fresh guacamole & a creamy chilli-lime sauce spiked with fresh garlic that is so healthy you could eat the whole bowl. Granted, I never follow recipes (baking or cooking) & nothing that I make ever really turns out the exact same way twice, my favourite homemade version of a Tropical Salsa tends to vary with the wind. Today it is (amounts are approx.):

1 mango, skinned and diced
1 cup diced cucumber
1 1/2 cup corn
1/3 cup diced red onion
1/8 cup diced pickled jalapeño peppers
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp lime juice
1 tbsp ickled jalapeño pepper juice
1 tsp red or white wine vinegar
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper
This salsa is amazing on any kind of tacos, as a side dish, mixed into rice, on top of a salad, the list goes on. Of course play with the portions of ingredients to how your tastebuds prefer it. You can use fresh jalapeños for a sharper flavour or add a little honey or make it with pineapple if you like it sweeter. Mixing a scoop of this salsa with diced up avocado is amazing, hell, toss ready cooked & chilled shrimp in the bowl for a one dish meal!
I will be serving up hard & soft tacos with pulled Mexican chicken, light talapia, fresh guac, two different sauces (both non-fat greek yogurt based, I am obsessed – one will be garlic-chili-lime, the other fresh garlic with Franks Red hot sauce mixed in), shredded sharp cheddar, & of course my salsa.

To remind my guest that there is still snow out there, I felt fresh baked cookies were required ~made with coconut oil to feel clean & fresh. White chocolate chunk brownie cookies, spicy cinnamon-ginger sugar cookies & rainbow-chipit vanilla cookies. I cannot post these recipes….I did not pay attention to what I was doing while making them. I will next time, promise.


…and of course some kind of crisp bevy not quite decided upon yet. Happy Friday the 13th everyone!


Ps. I just laughed at myself for even trying to pretend I could sleep in until 9 let along 10…

Pss. How adorable is this postcard that my mother gave me earlier this week? Hurry up summer!



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