Main St. Exchange: Eat on the East, Shop on the West

If you like carpaccio, you must try The Mitchell Block version made with Bison. I tried it for the first time yesterday while on a Mother-Daughter date night. The crispy light crackers complimented amazingly lean shaved bison that was peppered with a salty caper drizzle, parmigiano-reggiano & preserved yokes. Fastastic.

The staff is great. Honestly, I would have tea with the woman who tended our table. Attentive, informed, very welcoming. The decor was simple; you could have a family dinner, friends night out, sweet couples corner night or pop in to enjoy a dish by yourself. While interesting & different, the menu is short, wine list is long, cocktail list is simple. In my mind, the perfect combination.

For todays history lesson & a little piece of heritage, when the owner couldn’t decide on a name for this newer Exchange restaurant & lounge on McDermot, they went back to its roots. The first name this building had decades ago when it was a pharmacy was “The Mitchell Block”.

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If you saunter down to the District, you may as well plan a little extra time & pop by Tiny Feast, which is just a skip over Main St.

“Goods on our shelves include letterpress printed greeting cards, modern workspace supplies, scandinavian-designed homewares, and handmade accessories. We are drawn towards objects with a high level of craftsmanship, and an overall classic aesthetic. Our wares feel at home in both traditional and contemporary spaces.”

Gift for you, gift for me…

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