Points for your personal ‘Health Bible’

As I am getting older, (I just celebrated the 3rd anniversary of my 26th birthday. No joke. My parents got me a cake the said “Happy 3rd 26th Birthday Kiera”. For sure parents of the year award), I am learning to appreciate myself & my health better. I have never been one for fad diets or overly critiquing myself, but I think as many people do – girls AND guys –  I always internalized things I wanted to change or wished were different about myself. Many of these I have learned aren’t positive or contribute to longevity of personal health.

I have extremely curly hair – I blow it out & most friends rarely sees me with the ‘Jane Mane’ I was born with or even knows it exists. This is a superficial topical point, not overly damaging. The topics I mean are more in line with times I would work out with the main goal to be more trim – thinking about a shape framing dress I had just gotten rather than for being stronger & healthier. I would spend more time on the treadmill rather than dropping to the mat before & after to loosen up tight muscles, I enjoyed running & the results I received from it – over stretching. The list goes on. Over all, I haven’t always stopped to appreciate myself or why I make my body do what it does, externally or internally, in ways that I am beginning to now. It is important to take care of everything, body, mind, soul.

I read an article today about body & mind health that was written by a very wonderful woman that I knew in high school, Caleigh Rykiss. She is now a Toronto based certified Personal Trainer & Boxing Coach (her resume also hold the titles of TV producer & creator of the adorable Crowns by Caleigh).

I loved every word of what she wrote. If there was a bible for how to grow & tailor your mind toward better self appreciation for physical & mental health, the five main points that she touched on should be in there:

5 Healthy Habits I Adopted in my 30s

1. Stretch Out | 2. Don’t be “The Best” | 3. Treat Yourself Too
4. More. Water. | 5. Eat Everything!

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 4.26.11 PM

How adorable is she? I still wouldn’t challenger her in that ring, even in those heels.

For more from Caleigh, visit her FacebookInstagram,or read articles she has done here.

And I won’t lie. my hair will still get its typical blowout every wash, but in terms of physical points, I will add all of these to my daily mantra. Now go drink a glass of water & remember to stretch!



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