Capturing “THE” Moment

 It is not easy….

I personally would love to think that I am quite the fancy photographer with my iPhone and filtering apps. My sweetheart of course tells me that I am fabulous when it comes to freezing lasting memories in time.

He also thinks its cute when I fall over furniture when I am not looking where I am going.

 A local photographer who I have found myself to be loving online lately and professionally knocks the heels off of any of us ‘self proclaimed amazing iPhone picture takers” is Lisa of LBK photography


 One of main photos that caught my eye for its crisp beauty, yet whimsical feel was a floral crown shoot that was featured in the Wedding Bells Magazine ~


The crowns were hand made by Alysha Murdoch of Everly Willow Floral Crowns. Lisa was able to contain so much vibrant sweetness in these photos it makes me want to wear one right now. The colours pop right off the screen and the clarity makes you believe you should almost be able to smell those delicate buds.

Capturing beauty in everything seems to come easily to Lisa as she not only does wedding, but maternity, commercial, family, locations and more….

…and in person, she is a sweetheart!!!!





A little that Lisa shares about herself is:

“I am a fashion and wedding photographer with a passion for beauty and originality. As a sketch & makeup artist, my experience with expression and detail has developed into my photojournalistic, honest approach to portrait photography. My style is focused on feeling relaxed, having fun and revealing the natural you.”

Lisa K. Brezinski | 204.801.2447 |



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